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The story so far...

Derek Adam came on to the scene with his own blend of guitar driven rock. His anthemic songs are full of hooks and heartfelt lyrics that tell the story of his journey. Whether it's an autobiographical tale, guitar driven anthem, drinking song, or ballad, it's pure Derek. 


It all started for him in a small town in Upstate New York where Derek was surrounded by music at a young age. Guided by his parent's music collection, he first developed a deep affection for classic rock and blues. He picked up the guitar at the age of 10 and was quickly playing along to all his favorite tracks. As his love for the instrument grew, Derek would then begin a deep dive into the world of his now-favorite guitar heroes including players from the jazz, fusion, progressive, metal, and classical worlds. He played in local bands throughout high school and gained a reputation as a formidable guitar player. By the time he graduated, it had become clear that music was his career choice. He went on to attended Crane School of Music where he became classically trained on the guitar and learned the fundamentals of writing music. After honing his skills for 4 years at the university, Derek set his sights on NYC. He moved down to the city and began his climb. He started from the ground up by networking through former college friends and making new acquaintances. Although a writer at heart, his live shows gained a strong following. It wasn't long before he became an in-demand performer on the local scene, building a steadily growing fan base. 

In the studio, Derek is just as much at home and constantly growing as a musician. In 2021 he had the privilege of working with the Grammy winning producer, James "Jimmy T" Meslin, of Dream Theater notoriety. This was a milestone as Dream Theater's John Petrucci has always been a strong influence on his guitar playing. Jimmy's influence can be heard on Derek's debut EP, "Silver Lining" which is laden with guitar driven anthems that show off his rock and roll influences.


Soon after the release of his record, Derek connected with Kyle Berry, Luke Bryan's former guitar player. It didn't take long for the two to establish a strong connection and soon after, Kyle took Derek on as an artist under his management. This led to recording sessions at Red Panda Recording and with Richie Cannata from Cove City Studios that produced his recently released single, "The Road I Know". This was a bit of a return to roots for Derek, which can be felt in the song's raw, stripped down acoustic arrangement, and lyrics that tell stories of home.


Derek is currently working with engineer/producer Anthony Lopardo of Westfall Recording Company on his next studio project and needless to say, he couldn't be more excited for what's to come... 



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